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Water-soluble organic carbon release from mineral soils and sediments in an irrigated agricultural system Sandrine J. Matiasek, Brian A. Pellerin, Robert G.M. Spencer, Brian A. Bergamaschi, Peter J. HernesJournal of Environmental Management 2023, Vol. 343, Article number: 118184

Global Riverine Export of Dissolved Lignin Constrained by Hydrology, Geomorphology, and Land-Cover Hongyan Bao, Ying Wu, Xiaoqian Zhan, Xiaona Wang, Robert G. M. Spencer, Peter J. Hernes, Xiaojuan Feng, Li-Chin Lee, Jr-Chuan Huang, Jingjing Zhang, Hongwei Zhao, Shuh-Ji Kao, Jing Zhang. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 2023, Vol. 37, Issue: 4


Arctic biogeochemical and optical properties of dissolved organic matter across river to sea gradients Michael G. Novak, Antonio Mannino, J. Blake Clark, Peter Hernes, Maria Tzortziou, Robert G.M. Spencer, Anne M. Kellerman, Brice Grunert. Front. Mar. Sci. 2022, Vol. 9, Article number: 949034









The biogeochemistry of carbon across a gradient of streams and rivers within the Congo Basin Paul J. Mann, Robert G.M. Spencer, Bienvenu J. Dinga, John R. Poulson, Peter J. Hernes, Greg Fiske, Matt E. Salter, Zhaohui A. Wang, Katherine A. Hoering, Johan Six, Robert M. Holmes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biosciences 2014, 119(4), 687-702

Lignin biogeochemistry: from modern processes to Quaternary archives Catherine N. Jex, Gary H. Pate, Alison J. Blyth, Robert G.M. Spencer, Peter J. Hernes, Stuart J. Khan, Andy Baker. Quaternary Science Reviews 2014, 87, 46-59

Mobilization of optically invisible dissolved organic matter in response to rainstorm events in a tropical forest headwater river Ryan Pereira, C. Isabella Bovolo, Robert G.M. Spencer, Peter J. Hernes, Edward Tipping, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, Nikolai Pedentchouk, Nick A. Chappell, Geoff Parkin, Thomas Wagner. Geophysical Research Letters 2014, 41(4), 1202-1208