Aqueous Geochemistry (HYD134) – 3 credit lecture, 3 credit lab – Spring (2005 – present) The chemistry of natural waters; dielectric properties of water; thermodynamic and mass-action relations; metal hydrolysis; acid-base equilibria; metal-coordination chemistry; solubility calculations; electron-exchange reactions; and rate laws.

Water Quality at Risk (ESM/SAS 8) – 3 credit lecture – Winter (2004 – present) Natural and human threats to water quality. Balance of science and policy in all aspects of attaining, maintaining, and managing water quality, water contamination. Decoding popular media coverage of water quality and water contamination.

Water, Power, Society (HYD/SAS 010) – 2 credit lecture, 1 credit discussion – Spring (2022) Water resources issues. How water has been used to gain and wield socio-political power. Water resources development in California as related to current and future sustainability of water quantity and quality. Roles of science and policy in solving water problems. 

First-Year Seminar (FRS 002) – 2 credit lecture – (2012 – present) Investigation of a special topic through shared readings, discussions, written assignments, term papers, and special activities (such as fieldwork, site visits, laboratory work, etc.). Emphasis placed upon student participation in learning.

Global Biogeochemical Cycles (GEL 206) 3 credit lecture – (2006, 2008, 2015) Topics in advanced methods of stratigraphic analysis, regional stratigraphy and sedimentation, and sedimentary basin analysis. Emphasis on techniques used to interpret stratigraphic record and on current issues in stratigraphy and sedimentation.

Organic Geochemistry of Natural Waters (HYD 298) – 3 credit lecture – (2003 – 2004)

River Basin Biogeochemistry (HYD 298) – 1 credit lecture – (2011, 2014, 2016)

Graduate Writing for Environmental Sciences (HYD 298) – 3 credit lecture – (2016 – 2018, 2022)